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Mission: Tennessee Children’s Home is committed to improving the lives of those we influence through quality services in a Christian atmosphere.

Vision: Those served by Tennessee Children’s Home will learn to live healthy physical, mental, social, and Christian lives.

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Residential Care
Alcohol and Drug Treatment
In-Home Care
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    Our residential care provides for physical, social, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of children and youth in a safe and secure environment.

    The children live in on-site homes with other children and with House Parents. The residential care is structured to help the children be successful, with an on-site school, tutoring services, church attendance, counseling services, and substance abuse counseling.

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    Tennessee Children’s Home offers on-site instruction by certified teachers for our residential placements through the Cornerstone and New Heights Schools.

    Our commitment to maintaining a student-teacher ratio of one teacher to every eight students, coupled with on-site tutoring, has allowed children that are two and three years behind in school to regularly return to grade level work within just six months.

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    Substance abuse destroys young lives. Our program to help Level I and Level II adolescents and youth follows the nationally recognized Living in Balance model, employing intervention and outpatient therapy.

    We provide residential-based counseling for the children and their families, on-site schooling and tutoring, and a R.O.P.E.S. program, plus follow-up counseling using the Roadblocks to Recovery curriculum to ensure a successful recovery.

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    At-risk children and those separated from their families for a variety of reasons often have deep-seated emotional issues that can cause them to fail in life.

    Tennessee Children’s Home has counselors who care, and who provide professional counseling both to the children and to their families.

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    Tennessee Children’s Home provides in-home services to children who have completed our residential care program, giving vital emotional support for children returning home, and for their families, to ensure successful results.

    Our involvement in-home can last from four to nine months post-residence. The in-home program consists of at least two in-person meetings per week, and on-call services as needed.

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