Current Openings 4/25/18 Residential Counselors:  West TN, Middle TN and East TN campuses are recruiting couples to come live on campus and provide care for up to 8 adolescent boys. Residential Counselor Benefits Word.doc Come be a part of this ministry!  We offer competitive pay and excellent full-time benefits including medical, dental, life insurance, disability, retirement and paid time off. To apply, visit us online at or contact our HR Manager at 931-486-2274 x225. We offer competitive salaries based on experience and skill. Training and professional development opportunities. Corporate Office/ HR Dept. PO Box 10 Spring Hill, TN 37174 Phone: 931-486-2274 ext. 231 Fax: 931-486-1231 Benefits: Word. doc Download
To provide equal employment opportunity and treatment regardless of race, color, sex, age (40 and over), national origin, disability, or citizenship, except in cases in which affirmative action is required for Vietnam era veterans or other legally protected persons.  However, as allowed for by certain exception provided by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it reserves the right to preferentially employ individuals who espouse the same principles of moral, ethical, and spiritual conduct as the primary support body for this agency.
It is the policy of TCH that the internal affairs of this organization, particularly confidential information regarding a child’s life circumstances, shall be maintained in the strictest confidence. Information designated as confidential shall be discussed with no one outside this organization and only discussed within this organization on a “need to know” basis.  Discussion of case material among professional staff shall be appropriate, so long as it is used as a means of planning and intervening in the best interest of the child. Employees shall have a responsibility to avoid unnecessary disclosure of non-confidential internal information about this organization, its clients (children), financial data, etceteras.  This responsibility shall not be intended to impede normal communications and relationships among employees, but shall be intended to alert employees to their obligation to use discretion to safeguard internal affairs. Employees, at the time of employment, shall sign a statement that reflects their understanding of the necessity for confidentiality. Supervisors may specify certain types of information as confidential, depending on the circumstances.  Employees shall be prohibited from attempting to obtain confidential information for which they have not received access authorization. Employees violating this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination. All media inquiries shall be directed to the President. Inquiries seeking information concerning current or former employees shall be referred to the President, Human Resource Manager or Director of Finance, depending on the circumstances.
Contact Information:
P.O. Box 10 Spring Hill, TN 37174 Phone: 931.486.2274 Fax: 931.486.1231