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Tennessee Children’s Home began in 1909 as the Tennessee Orphan Home in Columbia, Tennessee. It was created to meet the needs of the three Scotten children, who had been tragically orphaned. In 1935, the Home purchased the campus of the Branham and Hughes Military Academy and moved to Spring Hill, Tennessee. As with many of the old orphanages, the Home was designed as an institutional facility with central dining, central laundry, dormitory living, and a small farming operation. The approach to child care was to provide the basic physical needs of children and to offer Christian instruction. The number of children served grew dramatically throughout the decades, and in late 1982, the name was changed to Tennessee Children’s Home. The institutional approach was replaced with family oriented group homes. Dormitories were remodeled into single-family homes, with a maximum of eight children in each home. Central dining was replaced with family meals in the group homes. The family groups now individually carry on most activities, such as home devotionals, church attendance, housekeeping, laundry, cooking and cleanup. In 1988, we expanded again by merging with West Tennessee Children’s Home, followed in 2000 and 2001 by mergers with Happy Hills Youth Ranch near Ashland City, and East Tennessee Christian Services in Knoxville. Since 1909, we have cared for over 20,000 children. Our professional services, coupled with loving staff and a Christian environment, make Tennessee Children’s Home one of the finest programs in the state. We are anticipating that, with your help and generous support, the 21st century will continue to be a period of stability, growth and progress. Corporate Contacts Brian L. King, President – 931.486.2274 ext. 215 Marcia Willison, Assistant to President – 931.486.2274 ext. 214 Dana Lawson, HR/PQI Manager– 931.486.2274 ext. 225 Eric Brown, Finance Director – 931.486.2274 ext. 224 Peggy Primm, Bookkeeper/Payroll – 931.486.2274 ext 220 Chris Doughtie, Director of Development and Community Education – 931.486.2274 ext. 218 Rebecca Mischke, Development Department Office Manager/Gift Acknowledgements – 931.486.2274 ext. 219 Glenn Richardson, Coordinator of Annual Campaigns – 931.486.2274 ext. 226     Tennessee Children’s Home Catalog of On-Line Courses:

Tennessee Children's Home Catalog of On-Line Courses

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 Tennessee Children’s Home Administrative Policies and Procedures  Subject:  HIPAA Compliance Authority:  HIPAA of 1996, TCA 37-5-105, 37-5-106 Standards:  COA RPM 6 Application:  To All Tennessee Children’s Home Employees   Policy Statement: Tennessee Children’s Home shall comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rules that establishes minimum Federal standards for protecting the privacy of individually identifiable health information. Purpose: To outline procedures for compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule for the establishment of a HIPAA program. Procedures:  A.  Appointment of TCH Privacy Officer
  1. TCH PQI Manager shall serve as the Privacy Officer and will be responsible for the development and implementation of department-wide policies and procedures relating to the HIPAA requirements to ensure compliance with federal regulations.  The Privacy Officer shall be responsible for, but not limited to, the items listed below:
    • Oversee all ongoing activities related to the development, implementation, maintenance of, and adherence to TCH policies concerning privacy.
    • Monitor the process for receiving, documenting, tracking, investigating, and taking action on all complaints.
    • Ensure that TCH is in compliance with its privacy practices and HIPAA privacy policies for all employees; and
    • Training as applicable
  1. Campus Privacy Officers:  At lease one individual at each campus will serve as support for the Privacy Officer and their facility.
  1. Campus Privacy Officers designees will be responsible for providing information about privacy practices for their facility and coordinating with the Privacy Officer to assist in the investigation of complaints and processing of client requests.
B.  Training TCH will provide training to all employees on HIPAA privacy practices, rules and regulations.  All HIPAA training will be documented and submitted to the Office of Training for documentation of training credit. C.  Safeguarding confidential PHI about clients
  1. All TCH employees and business associates will respect and protect the privacy records and health information about clients who request or receive services from TCH.
  1. All health information regarding TCH clients is confidential and must be safeguarded in accordance with DCS HIPAA privacy policies and procedures. (9.4 Confidential Child-Specific Records Information, 9.5 Access and Release of Confidential Child-specific Information, and 32.4 Administrative, Technical and Physical Safeguards)
  1. TCH shall not use or disclose PHI unless:
    • The client has authorized the use or disclosure in accordance with DCS Policy (32.3 Uses and Disclosures of Client Protected Health Information) or
    • The use or disclosure is specifically permitted under DCS policy 32.3, Uses and Disclosures of Client Protected Health Information 
D.  Conflict with other requirements regarding privacy and safeguarding
  1. If any State or Federal law or regulation, or order of a court having appropriate jurisdiction, imposes a stricter requirement upon any TCH policy regarding the privacy or safeguarding of information, TCH shall act in accordance with that stricter standard.
  1. All staff will act in accordance with established policies and procedures outlined in DCS policies 9.4 Confidential Child-Specific Records Information and 9.5 Access and release of Confidential Child-Specific Information regarding the safeguarding and confidentiality of individual information whether health-related or not, in all programs, services and activities.
  1. The TCH Privacy Officer must be consulted if there are clarifications needed with privacy policies.
E.  TCH Notice of Privacy Practices
  1. TCH staff must give a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices to any client age 12 years old or older enrolling in or receiving services from TCH, describing the actions a client may take, or request TCH to take.
  1. Each client who receives services from TCH must sign an acknowledgement form on their first date of service.  This signed acknowledgement must be maintained in the client’s file for a minimum of six (6) years.
  1. If TCH cannot acquire a signed acknowledgement from the client, the reason must be documented in the client’s case record.  This signed acknowledgement or documentation of good faith effort must be maintained on file for six (6) years.
  1. TCH may be considered a business associate of service providers.  If so, PHI may be shared among business associates and covered entities without further consent from the individual.
  1. The TCH Notice of Privacy Practices will contain all information required under federal regulations regarding the Notice of Privacy practices for PHI under HIPAA.
F.  Process for receiving HIPAA complaints   Zero-tolerance Policy Tennessee Children’s Home shall be committed to a zero-tolerance standard for all forms of sexual abuse/assault/misconduct/harassment or rape within its facilities and shall be committed to reducing the risk of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, assault, misconduct and rape through implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) as outlined in Public Law 108-79, Section 3.  

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Jeff Rogers P.O. Box 1628 Frankfort, Kentucky 40602 Should anyone wish to contact the auditor please feel free to contact Mr. Rogers at the address above. All correspondence is strictly confidential between the person sending the correspondence and Mr. Rogers.

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