Alcohol and Drug Treatment

As of 2008, approximately 44,000 young people in Tennessee between the ages of 12 and 17 were dependent on or abusing alcohol or illicit drugs [1]

Tennessee Children’s Home serves youth and adolescents at Level I and at Level II through our substance abuse program. Level 1 is structured group living in the community for children and adolescents with relatively few emotional or behavioral problems. Level II is for children with moderate clinical needs who are unable to live at home or in a foster home, and who require temporary care in a group or residential setting. 

 Designed for up to ten males at a time, our program incorporates behavioral intervention and outpatient therapy following the nationally recognized Living In Balance program. 

 Our treatment is a residential-based program that provides substance abuse counseling for both the children and their families, on-site schooling and tutoring from certified teachers and a R.O.P.E.S. program. Once a youth completes the program, we offer follow-up counseling and support using the Roadblocks to Recovery curriculum to ensure a successful recovery. 

[1] Children’s Welfare League of America